Hero photograph
Photo by Isabel Townsly


Isabel, Mae, Isabella, Silva, and Marnie —

UNESCO is such a wonderful experience for high school drama students.

Being able to perform at the same event as such amazing university level performers was very nerve racking for everyone.

The actual performances were so thrilling and exciting because Allen Hall is compact and intimate, so that while we were performing, we were eye to eye with the audience. 

We had to shorten our piece, “Cut”, to fit into the time we were allowed which made things just that little extra bit harder for we now had to learn both the longer version for Theatre Fest and the shorter version, which had multiple changes to the order of the scene for UNESCO, although we wouldn’t have changed it for the world. 

The experience of seeing the amazing actors that we were performing with was incredible and inspiring to see those people, only a few years older than us, performing and living their dreams. 

We couldn't have gotten there without our wonder director Diane Dupres, as “Cut” was her baby and we are all so thankful that we were the fateful few who she chose.