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Korean Tea Ceremony
Photo by Sue Kim

Korean tea ceremony

Finlay McGilchrist —

The Korean tea ceremony is a part of traditional Korean culture. It includes dressing up in a hanbok (traditional Korean dress), drinking some green tea and having some small snacks with it. Some other notes are that we must be quiet, as it is for meditation purposes, so don’t loudly slurp down the tea.

The cups and other equipment are made of ceramic materials or metal, but can change depending on the season. For example, summer tea bowls are generally larger for the tea to cool down quicker, whereas in autumn and winter, they’re smaller and narrower, so it keeps the tea hotter for longer.

The natural approach to tea is easy and naturally coherent. This is shown by fewer formal rituals, fewer absolutes, freedom for relaxation, and more creativity with a larger variety of services, conversation and tea, but green tea is most common. In conclusion, Korean tea ceremonies are generally relaxing and soothing, which is why most like them.