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Athletics Day
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Clayton House Report

Matai Bowen and Abi Barton —

Always the bridesmaid, never the bride. That's really how Clayton felt this year.

Between Futsal, Dodgeball, Cross Country, Sports Day we were always so close. But even though we were the bridesmaid of this year's House Cup, we reckon Clayton really shone above the rest. The House Cup represents the house’s ability for participation in sporting events across the year but what about the house's ability to connect, their sportsmanship, the leaders and the future leaders in all year groups across them. We think that's where Clayton really shone this year.

If you came up to us and said name 5 Clayton leaders in any year group that could punch above their weight and lead Clayton house to have the best year ever, make the other houses jealous of our House Day, our sportsmanship, our cooperation and our ability to connect; we could name 10. That's how strong we are, and that’s how strong Clayton will be in the future.

Dr Thompson said at the start of the year “Make it that in 5 years time; when the year 9’s this year are year 13’s, that they can remember the year 13’s when they were in year 9”, we reckon they’ll remember us, but more importantly they’ll also remember the beginning of an era where Clayton slowly becomes the house of leaders, memorable ones that make a change, both can lead our house to victory and also tick off connecting, sportsmanship and the most simple yet important, fun.

We have the strongest house there is, led and will be led by the strongest people. And those people will make a change, a Clayton kid will take leadership to a new level at Logan Park. This year was the beginning of the strongest era of Clayton, we can guarantee it.

So we may not have won the House Cup this year but we won a different cup, and we will keep winning this award because we know who’s coming up through the ranks. The Connections Cup, The Kin Cup (alliteration is key), whatever you’d like to call it. The cup that shines above the rest because it’s what a house is meant to represent, a place of connections, where we all live for not just 5 years, but our lives. It is a house after all.

Clayton house is full of confident and motivated students of all ages. Students who are driven to achieve whether its during Athletics day, inter-house competitions and even throughout all school assessments. Clayton stands among three other houses, Toroa, Aoraki and Omimi, but what makes us different is that we are a house with an incredible bond. We show great team spirit and we always try our best even when we might fail. Clayton students are all so supportive of each other in many ways and every student is so encouraging to each of their peers. We are a house that strives to achieve great things in life and I know Clayton house will achieve so much as life moves forwards.

Clayton is full of so many incredibly talented pupils who excel in all house events, and even though some events may seem hard or students aren't motivated, they always pull through and they pull through with a bold attitude to do their very best. Clayton students are incredible people and it's such an honour to be a part of that team. Because we are all a team, we are a family, and this family is one you'd want to be a part of. It's not the name that makes Clayton house an awesome house, it's the people.

It's been a crazy year but a year not wasted. It's been a fantastic time getting to lead Clayton through the year and this house and its incredible students will dearly be missed. Especially our amazing dean Dr Thompson, who has been so supportive to every student that walks through his doors. He is an exceptional dean who puts the fun in Clayton house. Dr Thompson wasn't lying when he said this year was the vintage year, because it's one that us leaders will never forget, it's been very memorable in a positive way and we couldn't be more grateful for that.

As leaders of the house it had been an awesome and rare opportunity to help Clayton grow, not just as a house, but as incredible individuals who have the ability to achieve so much in their lifetime. It's so enlightening to see the positive growth of Clayton (as well as the other houses) and especially to be a part of it all. To be right in the middle of it. Some people say change is hard. But the change that Clayton has progressed through has made us a strong house, unified together as one. It's been incredible to make a difference, to make a change within Clayton because it means that our efforts as leaders did not at all go to waste. We became something of ourselves, we took on this role and we became the best leaders that we could be, and one thing for sure is that it has been one wild ride!

We are Matai Bowen and Abi Barton and we were the Head Boy and Head Girl of Clayton House.