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Snowboarding Trip
Photo by Warwick Kain

12 PE Snow Trip

Warwick Kain —

The 12 PE snow trip took place over 3 days at the Remarkables ski field in Queenstown in August.

Students prepared for the trip with an achievement standard on risk assessment and management. While there they were assessed on their progress in skiing or snowboarding, for a total of 7 credits. Students also planned and prepared all of their meals apart from a night out in Queenstown, looking at lots of things none of us could actually afford!

The trip can be a real test of resilience for many students as they learn to ski and ride. The challenges are a test of perseverance and serve as a great experience in the emotional highs and lows of 3 days in a very physically challenging environment. There was one very low point when Jacob dislocated his knee cap, but he walked out of the medical centre and is progressing well one week on.

One of the many highlights was Violet Gallop's first chair lift ride where she didn’t get off, but then decided to jump off later when the chair was almost going back down.

Abi Barton had an excellent time at the Remarkables Ski Field where she snowboarded for the first time. She really enjoyed it no matter how many times she fell. She also attempted some jumps and a bar where she managed to land a few jumps just to fall over straight after, but all in all she enjoyed being up the mountain with her friends.

We had a great trip with lots of useful learning and life lessons.