Hero photograph
Senior Prizegiving
Photo by Francine Vella

LPHS Choir

Ava Straw —

May It Be. Space Oddity. E Te Ariki. For the Longest Time. Just a few of the pieces the Choir has tackled and mastered in 2016. 

The harmonies from all walks of life would lift off the sheet music and become imprinted upon our voices, like sweet musical honey one relished to taste. Every year, as it has been for the past 4 years (and may it continue for many more!), the Logan Park Choir encounters its first challenges in music at Music Camp, where the menagerie of sounds and music permeate into the life of the students on the camp. 

For this year, the auditioned choir from last year made its first debut at the Big Sing, where, after many months of practice, and some vibrant choreography, the LPHS Choir of 2016 achieved yet another year of greatness for the Choir, where I can honestly admit we had one of our best performances yet. As J. R. R. Tolkien once wrote, “From the ashes a fire shall be woken, a light from the shadows shall spring.” Having sung a piece from The Lord of the Rings, the quote seems rather adept for 2017! The full choir then joined for the Secondary Schools Music Festival, where pieces by David Bowie and The Beatles made their way, just a bit of Space Oddity lingering in the air afterwards. However, though performing the pieces we have prepared is an evident highlight, the rehearsals every Monday and Tuesday were the true life that breathed into the choir, where mistakes were made and triumphs were slowly gained. You don't even realize how quickly you become a unit, a group, an ensemble, and making music with such a fantastic variety of singers is a joy and a privilege. 

Ms Fahy, the single most amazing choir director, is able to whip up a group of aspiring and singing adolescents into a choir who loves to sing together and create music under her direction. Secretly, we all suspect she draws this magical touch from her stunning gold shoes, but don't let the secret get out too far and wide! I say magic because the progress we make and the hard work we put in to realise the song written on paper into music is magical. Song was not made to remain printed upon paper. A song is made to be sung, and the Logan Park High School Choir of 2016 turned the sheets of music into beautiful songs, having a lark and unforgettable time all the way. 

And that is real magic.