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Year 12 Snowboarding Trip
Photo by Kelly Wilkinson

Year 12 Physical Education

James Govan —

Physical Education students in year 12 have had the real privilege of being able to go on trips outside of the classroom. 

Their first trip was to Ohau which was an opportunity to Snowboard over three days. We took two minivans with 20 students, departing at a ridiculously early hour of the morning. On arrival, we unpacked and headed up the mountain. Our first day proved the best conditions, but falling on our behinds far too frequently for our bodies’ liking. Our second day was called off, due to a blizzard. That day we explored the Ohau Clay Cliffs and spent too much time in the spa pool at our picturesque lodge. Our third day was icy, but the students loved getting back to it, most of whom ventured their way to the top of the field up the chairlift. It was a great trip which the students enjoyed a lot. 

Our second outing was to North East Valley Primary School for their leadership unit. The students got to choose a friend to coach six 20 minute sessions of a sport of their choosing, to 20 school kids in each session. It was a real challenge for some students, taking them out of their comfort zone to find initiative skills they didn’t know they had. It was a successful day to round off a great year with lots of activity based sessions and occasions.