Hero photograph
Year 9 Scholarship
Photo by Janine Hills

Year 9 Scholarship Winners 2019

Arnika Hazelwood —

Congratulations to our successful Year 9 Scholarship recipients.

Year 9 Scholarships are awarded for Outstanding Achievement in Academic, Sporting, Cultural, Leadership and Service areas. 

We are proud to recognise and celebrate the promise, enthusiasm and potential of our students combined with their determination and perseverance to excel.  We appreciate the hard work, contribution and service to our wider school community as our newest students discover their potential and celebrate excellence.   

We held a special morning tea for the scholarship winners to celebrate with staff in August. 

Congratulations and well done. 

Zoe Barton       Rudolf Steiner School

Kieran Black  Balmacewen Intermediate School

Emma Bradfield  Dunedin North Intermediate

Nic Butler  Balmacewen Intermediate School

Erin Cade  Dunedin North Intermediate

Rosa Cameron     Warrington School

Bram Casey  Balmacewen Intermediate School

Nicholas Cranefield  Balmacewen Intermediate School

Nikau Edmond-Smaill  Dunedin North Intermediate

Kimberly Eikaas  Balmacewen Intermediate School

Bella Gascoyne  Green Island School

Maddie Hannah  Dunedin North Intermediate

James Hurley  Broad Bay School

Taya Kain  Dunedin North Intermediate

Bruno McMillan  Warrington School

Rowan Metreyeon  Dunedin North Intermediate

Brielle Millier  Arthur Street School

Aila Pettigrew  Liberton Christian School

Caspar Rennie-Weston  Dunedin North Intermediate

Violet Rolston  Dunedin North Intermediate

Luke Rooney  Balmacewen Intermediate School

Alexander Sun  Balmacewen Intermediate School

Nisha Tilyard  Arthur Street School

Millie Todd  Tahuna Normal Intermediate

Ella Verberne  Tahuna Normal Intermediate