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Junior Show
Photo by Janine Hills

Junior Show

Darcy Monteath —

This year's Junior show, A Crisis at Christmas was a fabulous experience for everyone involved.

The show was performed over two days, to primary schools such as Opoho, Wakari and North East Valley, to name a few. On Wednesday night, family members and friends were welcomed to come and view the performance, while also contributing to a thoughtful cause, the Indian Global Hospital Village Outreach Programme. Every year, the funds from the Junior Show are donated to this organisation. The Village Outreach Programme makes sure that impoverished families in India have the necessities and healthcare they require and regularly, cannot receive.

A Crisis at Christmas had a large number of junior participants, each playing an important role to enrich the performance. Puppets, Secret Agents, Santa's Angels and many more characters were introduced throughout the script, to help solve the crisis of Rudolph's missing nose. Of course, the script, composition, music and acting would not have been to such a high standard if it weren't for the junior drama teacher, Ms Colbert, and music teacher Mr Dodd. For Ms Colbert, the show was especially special, as it would be her last year of teaching.

Junior Show is always a fantastic experience. I remember coming to view the show in primary school, staring up at the brilliant actors, being completely immersed in the dramatic storyline. Who would have thought I'd be performing as one of Santa's Angels to a whole primary school?

Being a part of the Junior show is a fun and insightful experience for all to enjoy. A big thank you to Ms Colbert and Mr Dodd for enhancing and organising such a magical event!