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Writers’ Group 2018

Morag MacTaggart —

Writers’ Group this year was very lucky to have two prefects on board; Mary Locker and Quinn Hardie. Both students were supportive of our younger writers, capable organisers, and persistent shoulder tappers. Thank you Mary and Quinn.

This year we had a visit from local author Kura Carpenter who has recently published her first novel. Kura described her debut novel, The Kingfisher’s Debt, as “an urban fantasy novel where Wellington Paranormal meets Outrageous Fortune”. We certainly enjoyed listening to her talk about the trials and pitfalls of getting published even if it did leave us feeling a little sombre!

We also ran our Senior Writing competition again and once again a large cache of very good writing was submitted for the English Department to read and judge. Thank you to the English Department for your support of this competition. Nationally our Logan Park writers have achieved many awards this year and you can read about their successes in Ms Kristel’s Article.

Thank you to all of the writers in our Logan Park community who support Writers’ Group by coming along to our weekly lunchtime sessions, entering competitions or helping others to achieve and reach their writing goals. Well done and have a great reading and writing holiday!