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Clayton House Day
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Clayton House Report 

Izzie Locker & Finn Allerston —

We started our year in amicable and cooperative spirit with a sunny House day at long beach! 

Swimming was a favourite, seeing as the ocean was a nice summery temperature, and we had two friendly and attentive lifeguards to keep us out of trouble. This year the selection of Group competitions included sand sculptures, human pyramids, and tug-of-war. Group competitions like these leave the pride of your Group at stake, and so they must be taken very seriously in order to establish which Group really is the best. The budget sausages at lunch time were gnarly as usual, but were greatly appreciated still. Overall, our first opportunity of the year to bond as a House was a thoroughly enjoyable day!

This year we have outdone ourselves in sporting accomplishments, bringing in 2nd place in athletics, (the best we have done in years), 2nd place overall in the school cross country, 2nd place in inter-house futsal, and 4th place in inter-house dodgeball. Currently we are tied in second place with Aoraki, but we have a promising outlook for the upcoming inter-house indoor rowing competition, which will be our last chance to do some overtaking. Aside from our general House sporting achievements, there are also some individual members of Clayton House who have excelled in their areas of sport, and these people can be very proud of themselves.

Members of our House have had wonderful participation charity events such as 40 hour famine, and we have some truly talented individuals winning a variety of cultural and academic competitions. Clayton has had a strong involvement in the Student Council this year with 7 senior students from Clayton on the council.

The school’s successful Rainbow Diversity Group was set up and is lead by two Clayton House prefects, they've achieved some great things this year such as organising Pink Shirt Day which supports anti-bullying, selling rainbow ribbons to fundraise for the organisation RainbowYOUTH and making changes around the school to make it more inclusive of gender diversity.

As House prefects, we apologise for the lack of House assemblies this year, although this has probably been appreciated by the majority of Clayton. We never liked House assemblies either. Thanks to Dr T and all for a fantastic year of participation and general excellence! All love from your proud House prefects.