Hero photograph
Chess Tournament
Photo by John Major

Otago Secondary School Chess Championship

John Major —

On Saturday 15 June the Otago Secondary School Chess Championship was held in our school Library.

Twelve teams of 4 competed. We had 3 teams and onother student helping make up a Kings team.

LPHS A – Alexander Sun, Zishen Fu, Paxton Hall and Lindsay Dowden-Mackay

LPHS B – Ethan Lambeth, Xing Zhang, Harry Major and Odin Jacobs

LPHS C – Leevi Hanson, Zack Hibbert, Simon Schack and Megan Macdiamid.

Ra Galbraith helped out for Kings.

The A team got 3rd overall and qualified for the South Island Championship in early September. The C team got 5th and the B team 6th=.

Paxton won 6 of his 7 games, Lindsay won 51/2 out of 7, Alexander, Xing and Zack all won 5 out of their 5 games.