Hero photograph
Lake Tekapo and Mount Cook Trip
Photo by Lenny Altaras

Trip to Tekapo

Yuto Tada —

August 22 2016, the international students from Logan Park High School, Ms Bennet and Tip went on a trip to Lake Tekapo for three days.

Tip drove a huge bus from the school to Lake Tekapo. We left school at 9 am and arrived at the lodge at 3 pm.

On the first day, we went snow tubing. Everyone was screaming. It was lots of fun and I wanted to do it again.

After that we went to the hot springs. It was awesome because I really like hot water.

At around 10 pm, I went stargazing with my friends at the beach. It was so amazing! They were the most beautiful stars I have ever seen.

On the second day, I woke up at 6 am. We went to Mt Cook. Mt Cook was so cool because the mountain had a lot of snow. We went on an easy walk twice. Then at 12 pm we ate lunch. After lunch we went to Tasman Lake. The colour was amazing because it was a blue and green colour which I have never seen before. After that I went to the hot springs with my friends again.

On the third day, we went to the Church of the Good Shepherd. The church is very famous. The church was smaller than I thought but it was so cool because it is made of stone. After visiting the church we ate ice cream.

Finally, we arrived back at school at 3:30 pm.

Lake Tekapo is such a cool place and I want to go there with my friends again. It was awesome!!!

Thanks to Matua Tip Winiata and Christine Bennet for organising the trip.