Hero photograph
Tournament Basketball
Photo by Francine Vella

South Island Basketball Premiership

Erica Stedman —

From September 1-3, the Senior A Girls Basketball team participated in the Secondary Schools South Island Premiership during Winter Tournament week. 

The tournament began on the Thursday and finished on the Saturday, playing two games each day. The tournament was a great opportunity for the team to develop their skills and work as a team, playing teams from other parts of the South Island that we had never played before. We placed 4th in our pool and 8th overall.

We won one of our six games, and another one was incredibly close, losing by one point. We improved with our team communication (which was made challenging, as there is a new compulsory mouth guard rule), in our confidence, our basic skills (passing, shooting etc) and we were trying new things that we hadn’t done previously in the season which was awesome to see. It was the last basketball tournament for six of our team members who are all Year 13 this year. It was really good to make such progress over the past five years. Thanks to Mrs Frost for putting in so much time and effort and to everyone else who helped out over the tournament weekend!