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Action Award
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March Action Award and Club Support

Sophie Sun —

The first Action Award and Club Support of this year was presented in March with Zach Wyvill being the recipient of the Action Award and Chess Club for Club Support.

Zach Wyvill is a Year 12 student who demonstrates good citizenship and leadership in his Group in a number of ways including  by enthusiastically reading out the notices every day in his Group. 

This exemplifies the unique sense of whanau we have at Logan Park as well as being a senior role model in his Group.

Chess Club has been a growing community and was awarded Club Support as the club wish to spend the money on some chess-teaching resources. I would love to see Chess Club being a more interactive community in Logan Park. 

The Action Award and Club Support are initiative set ups and funded by the student representatives on the Board of Trustees, The Action Award presents a $25 prize to any student who demonstrates community service, leadership and/or innovative thinking, therefore being good citizens outside of the normal boundaries of academia, sports and cultural activities. The prize offers the opportunity for recipients to be connected with mentors and experts from the wider community to assist in the development of any specific projects they wish to persue. The Club Support presents a $25 prize to support any club activity in Logan Park, including starting a new club. It allows clubs to be more interactive and develop any specific projects. Winners are selected by the Funding Committee of the LPHS Student Council and must be nominated by themselves, another student or a teacher. 

Nominations can be made through this online form: Action Award: https://goo.gl/forms/P3pPKAiwtLjpUgeB3Club Support: https://goo.gl/forms/DYOaNgJEvJW6H7PZ2