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Omimi House Day
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Omimi Report

Angela Henderson —

Omimi has had an amazing year this year with many 1st places over the year.

To start the year off we headed off to Brighton beach for House Day with a space themed day. The weather was perfect for the day and didn’t let us down.

The year 13’s organised different games to play throughout the day competing in the House Groups. Some of these included a moon walking competition (to go with the space theme) and a sculpture competition where each group had to make a space themed sand sculpture. When lunchtime came around, everyone was lining up for the sausages and there was an unofficial competition to beat the record of the most sausages eaten (12 sausages) which went unbeaten. There was also time for swimming and a game of capture the flag set up to play during the break, while others sat around enjoying the sun. The day was finished with the, always loved, tug-of-war where there is always a lot of competition.

The first inter-house competition was athletics and Omimi came out of that with 1st place for the fourth year in a row. Everyone put in heaps of effort and we came out with a lot of first places in the single events.

Athletics was followed by Dodgeball which we weren’t quite successful in coming third but we pulled it back when it came to the Cross-country gaining first place in that. The next inter-House competition was Futsal and again we were victorious coming first!

Inter-House rowing happened later in term 4  we were hoping to grab the win giving us our 4th win this year and winning rowing for the second year in a row. Alas it was not to be. 

Overall it has been an amazing year for Omimi and with our wins we won the House shield at the end of the year for the 4th year in a row!  Thanks for everything that you have done for us Ms Henderson, you really are an amazing House Dean.