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Poster Making
Photo by Andrea McSweeney

Poster Art Anything Could Happen

Andrea McSweeney —

At the start of the Dunedin Fringe festival students helped to create posters for the “Anything Could Happen”, Dunedin Sound Show. 

Adam Goldsman, a music producer from Los Angeles, held a lunchtime workshop in the art room allowing students to help make more posters for the show. 

We were taking old band posters from iconic Dunedin bands such as The Clean, The Verlaines, Straitjacket Fits, The Bats, and more, and redrawing them from memory. After being shown the poster it was taken away and replaced with a blank piece of paper and an impressive 30 pack of sharpies in every colour you would ever need. We were then given a few minutes to redraw the poster, resulting in a reimagined, but recognisable version. Goldsman displayed these posters behind the acts at the “Anything Could Happen” show held on the final two nights of the Dunedin Fringe Festival in March.