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Otago Youth Council
Photo by Janine Hills

Dunedin Youth Council

Arnika Hazelwood —

Congratulations to George Sabonadiere and Sasha Freeman for their election to Chair and Deputy Chair of the Dunedin Youth Council.

George has been re-elected as Chair, and Sasha has been elected as Deputy after a 4 month membership which is impressive.   The Youth Council works hard to ensure all Dunedin Youth have a voice in the city.  

George was our Student Representative on the Board of Trustees.  He has been selected for the Pinnacle Program, a leadership program run by Hyundai with a focus on self discovery, personal development and mentoring. The program is in three stages: in stage one, participants go on a Spirit of Adventure voyage; in stage two, participants go on Outward Bound; and for stage three, the final one or two participants will go through a mentorship program. 

In March George was also selected to attend the Sir Peter Blake Trust Youth EnviroLeaders Forum. 

The Forum took place in Taranaki from April 14 to 20, 2018 and 55 young leaders from around New Zealand attended.  The event provide an opportunity to learn more about climate change issues facing New Zealand.