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Athletics Day
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Omimi House Report

Alice Houston-Page —

Omimi has continued to triumph time after time, bringing truth to the ancient proverb: “Omimi you’re so fine, you’re so fine you blow my mind.”

We started the year with a bang, as we hit the winding road to Aramoana beach for House Day. We divided into our house groups and commenced the infamous sack race and egg and spoon race, and practised the iconic house chant with pride.

In blazing sunshine, we took a break for lunch and the BBQ sizzled, sausages and falafel galore. Omimi citizens swarmed to the really-quite-cold water, and Mrs Frost set up a game of beach volleyball on the shore.

After lunch, the Year 13s grabbed hold of the reins and led games of football, touch, ultimate frisbee and more. To mark the end of a remarkably sunny, hilariously fun day, we competed in the annual, highly contested, tug of war. This year 2/4 reigned supreme after an intense, heated match. On the bus ride home, we moved and grooved to Connor’s sick bluetooth beats, and everyone sang along, regardless of actual singing capabilities.

We all had an absolute blast! The Year 9s were integrated and welcomed into Omimi, and hopefully walked away with new friends and new experiences.

Shortly after, Omimi competed for the coveted first place at Athletics Day, more indestructible than ever. We came out all guns blazing, with yellow clothes, face paint and ribbons everywhere, and Finn wearing an inflatable dinosaur costume. To quote Coldplay, “It was all yellow.” Our hard work and yellow-ness paid off; the Omimi stand erupted in proud, fierce cheering as it was announced that we had won first place.

In addition, we’ve had some hilarious, unpredictable and hopefully enjoyable house assemblies throughout the past year. We like to think that they were successful, because quite frankly, you can’t go wrong with Kahoot, a lolly scramble, and jump jam.

With our eyes on the ultimate prize of the house cup, we proceeded to place third in dodgeball, first in cross country, first in netball, and second in futsal. An impressive effort. But is it enough? We’ll have to wait until Senior Prizegiving to find out!

However, for the Year 13s, Prizegiving also upsettingly marks the end of a yellow era that has been “so fine” and has truly “blown our minds”. It has been a pleasure and a privilege being part of Omimi house for the last five years. Thanks so much for everything Ms Henderson!

I’m devastated to say goodbye to Omimi, and I’ll miss my 2/4 family massively. But nevertheless, a huge number of impressive people are coming through Omimi, so I can’t wait to see what the future holds for this wonderful, over-achieving house!