Hero photograph
Tupuranga Hui of welcome to new Maori and PI students
Photo by Marion Brinsley

Tupuranga Hui to welcome new Pacific Island and Maori students 

Marion Brinsley —

For the last 3 years we have run a welcoming hui to new students.

"Tupuranga" - This name is derived from the Tuvaluan word ‘tupu’, meaning chief; and the Maori word ‘ranga’, descending from the words rangatahi (youth) and rangatira (chiefs) Tupuranga is a body of Maori and Pacific Island student leaders across all school years who wish to contribute to the school by supporting the achievement and success of Maori and Pacific Island students and to promote and share their cultural values and practices. 

It is a student initiative for the purpose of connecting in with new Maori and PI students, introducing them to key leaders in the Tupuranga team (from Yrs10-13), getting to know each other, imparting information about specific Maori and PI endeavours in the school, sharing words of wisdom, and creating connections so new students know who they can talk to to explain things to them as their year goes on and engage with questions, concerns and ideas that may arise as the year progresses.

The photos show the discussion time and the final activity, Mauii Matau, which was played with great gusto and focus by all. Our final 3 contestants demonstrate (left to right) the fierce determination of Gabe Kovacs, Rangi Tomai and Tania Tomai.