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Secondary Schools Music Festival 
Photo by Frankie Vella


Cameron Monteath —

The LPHS Orchestra under the direction of John Dodd increased to its biggest size to date this year - 46 members in total.

This year we benefited from an increased wind section and the addition of many uncommon orchestral instruments, such as 2 bassoons, a French Horn, 3 trombones, 2 oboes, and 4 violas.

This orchestra year has been relatively quiet this year in comparison to others, however we did have one major tour around Dunedin primary and intermediate schools at the end of Term 3. We played a 25 minute programme with a wide, diverse selection of pieces, ranging from Beethoven to Bruno Mars. This experience was useful as it gave the orchestra a goal to work towards, something which is essential in all musical performance.

As well as this, our orchestra participated in the 50th Otago Secondary School’s Music Festival. This experience was a highlight as we were able to share a common pastime with other, like-minded people from around Otago.

I think we can all be very thankful that Mr Dodd is staying around next year to conduct the orchestra. His expertise is invaluable to those who have less experience - and this expertise exposes students to the world of orchestra etiquette. For more experienced members, this orchestra has been an opportunity to educate other members and to develop leadership skills.

The orchestra is mainly comprised of Y13’s this year - as with most of the music ensembles at LPHS. Some might see their departure as a problem, but in the words of Mr Dodd, it is but a ‘challenge that will be overcome with time.’