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Korean Day
Photo by Supplied by Sue Kim

Korean Day in Dunedin 

Sue Kim —

Korean Day was held on the 30th of September in Dunedin. It was an extended activity to celebrate the New Zealand Korean Language Week (25th September ~ 1st October). 

Korean Day was mainly showcasing Korean language and culture, but it has also been a great occasion for everyone in general to raise awareness for Asian cultures.

The event was a day full of different activities, performances, and food to promote the Korean language and culture in the Dunedin community. The event was greatly successful and about 2000 people from the community turned up for the event and everyone enjoyed the opportunity to celebrate and experience Korean culture. Special thanks to The Overseas Korean Foundation, Asia NZ Foundation and NetNZ who supported and gave great sponsorship to hold this event.

You can find more information here; https://drive.google.com/drive/u/0/folders/0BwiSCP6tXeJ_bU5Xb2lFU00xUWM