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House Day
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Omimi House Report

Jack Gilmore —

This year Omimi has faced challenges and tribulations. It has been a different type of year for the house and its people. Some might call it an “off year”. But we’re still doing better than Toroa. The little stream has faced a bend in its triumphant journey. However we are still flowing strong with intent and purpose.

Omimi started the year with a trip to the wonderful beach of Aramoana. The day began overcast (of which this house captain believed would turn to rain). However it did not rain instead the clouds somewhat cleared up and it was a lovely mild 18 degrees. Our spirits, much like the weather, were also mild. A calmer house day than what had previously celebrated in previous years. It began with a meetup on the damp white sands of the beach. We divided into our groups and began a series of quaint activities. We played such games as the infamous sack race, various name games, Pingpong and spoon, and the wonderful sand art project won by 2/4. We then moved on to other fun things on the grassy knoll and most of the house took to the waves at lunch break. After lunch the Year 13s took control in what could have been a logistical disaster, playing sports such as football, touch, and the one that Tyler and Louis held. We then finally competed in the annual tug of war. This year 2/6 claimed victory from the hands of 2/1 in an historic and intense match. Overall it was a nice day.

Next Omimi competed for the coveted prize of best house at athletics during the annual Sports day. Last year Omimi had been robbed by the blue house, Clayton, in a suspicious win. However as Neil Finn tells us “History Never repeats”. We won In a dazzling fashion, figuratively crushing the souls of Clayton, Aoraki, and the pre crushed souls of Toroa. Dodgeball came next. A bitter day for Omimi. Never speak of this. After that came the cross country of which Omimi won in strong, athletic form. In term three we believed it would be our term. It half was. We came second equal in Handball and won the rowing. The house has also seen success in other areas such as in the octacan and in the LPHS trivia quiz.

Overall will Omimi win again? Maybe. Yet it doesn’t really matter. All of our citizens have had a wonderful year participating in House activities and the Year 9s have been fully accepted into the brethren of the little stream.