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Outdoor Music Concert
Photo by Celeste Howard

Interact Report

Tyler Proctor —

This year, the Interact Club decided to amp up the activities around the school.

We organised a Showcase Week in the last week of Term 2 and lunchtime activities included a Talent Quest including musical performances and magic tricks, and a Martial Arts Demonstration by Lucan Willis and Dylan Anakin.

A highlight on the clubs events calendar was Karaoke Week in early Term 3.  Whilst Billy Ray Cyrus didn’t make an appearance this year, the competition saw some incredible and diverse performances from students of all year groups.  

The winners this year were Louis and Sasha Freeman, Second Equal went to Barney Connolly and Henry Ruan, the Singing Award went to Benny Holloway, the Choreography Award went to the Johnson 5, the Costuming Prize went to The Lion Kings, and the Stage Presence and Audience Favourite Award went to Quinn Hardie. 

At the end of Term 3 came the event that is a highlight in many students eyes - Rangatahi õ Te Wiki (or Youth Week)! 

On Monday, we had the International Food Festival where students of all nationalities and backgrounds came together to present a dish that came from or represented their national heritage. 

On Tuesday was the Inaugural Interhouse Game Show event in conjunction with the Student Council. Each house presented a team of students (one from each year group) and pitted them against each other in a battle of wits, LPHS knowledge, and charade capabilities. In the end, Omimi took away the competition. 

Wednesday saw the Talent Quest competition. Louis Freeman, George Sabonadiere, and Leven Wu ended up taking out the competition, but audiences were the real winners as they were wowed with dancing, singing and comedy. 

On Thursday, the school converged on the gym where the Interhouse Rowing Competition took place (in conjunction with the Sports Prefects) with Omimi taking out the title.  

Finally, on Friday, we had the incredible Outdoor Concert and Market Day. While students went around buying cakes and knick knacks and plants, they enjoyed the sweet sounds of Carmina, Solid Merit, Cox’s Orange, Paper Frogs, and Trent Hawthorne. All in all, it was an extremely enjoyable week for everyone involved. 

The Interact Club finished off the year with the Film Night (in conjunction with the Media Studies Department). The film night brought together students in the auditorium to have some popcorn and watch all of the Media Studies Projects completed by students throughout the year. 

A massive thanks goes to all of the prefects and everyone else involved in the organisation of these events, and of course, all of the students who came along, took part, competed, and spent their spare change. And to Ms Mouat who enthusiastically supported all of our initiatives and events. None of this would be possible without them.