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Race Relations Assembly
Photo by Janine Hills

Race Relations Day

Arnika Hazelwood and Ange Taylor —

We celebrated the United Nations Race Relations Day on 21 March with Special Assemblies

Our International Languages Prefects along with our Kapa Haka Prefects organised the event celebrating Logan Park's cultural diversity. 

Thanks to Radhi Rahman, Finlay McGilchrist, Mary Nguyen, Ronglei Liu, Oscar Lambeth, Makayla Houpapa, Hannah Barton and Maia Penhey and to all of the students involved as well as a big thank you to Kristan Mouat who organises Race Relations Assembly each year. 

This year, the school Kapa Haka group was invited to support this important event. After only 2 practices, they were on stage to showcase an example of Māori culture. It was quite difficult because of the short amount of preparation, although the end result was well received.

The rehearsed go-to set of waiata are quite well known and have been popular within primary, junior and senior school and also within the general mainstream community.

Hallelujah/Hareruia - has a focus on vocal, harmonizing, blends, volume control - it's a choral piece, a song of praise.

Te Taukaea Aroha known to many as Ko Te Whirika - Energy, fun, upbeat and joyful - with a focus on relationships and friendships. The composers are Charisma Rangipuna and Paulette Tamati-Eliffe.

Tahu Potiki - Haka Taparahi - To encourage descendants to be more active in all aspects of life.