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Human Rights MFAT UN Consultation
Photo by Kristan Mouat

Human Rights Consultation

Bram Casey —

Ministry of Foreign Affairs/Trade and Justice visited to consult with students on Human Rights for the UN Council

On Monday 3rd April, a group of Year 13 Logan Park students was paid a visit by members from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade and the Ministry of Justice to discuss Human Rights and how Aotearoa has progressed on the application of these rights in the past few years, to inform the United Nations Universal Periodic Review, a five-yearly review of the human rights performance of all 193 UN member states.

The students and Ministry staff members discussed the most important issues to them and how they present themselves in New Zealand, including topics such as workplace racism, gender pay gap, education of consent, and trans inclusion. The discussions were stimulating and eye-opening, and we're all incredibly grateful to have been a part of preparation for such a monumental report.

Our visitors were: Aramiro Tai Rākena, Lead Adviser (Human Rights), United Nations, Human Rights & Commonwealth Division, Ministry of Foreign Affairs & Trade, Tausala Fruean, Policy Officer, United Nations & Human Rights & Commonwealth Division, Ministry of Foreign Affairs & Trade, Christy Pullyn, Policy Officer, North Asia Division, Ministry of Foreign Affairs & Trade; and Elspeth Knewstubb, Senior Adviser, Civil Law & Human Rights, Ministry of Justice.