Hero photograph
Junior Christmas Show
Photo by Arnika Hazelwood

Junior Show

Zak Rudin —

Over the last few weeks of the year, the Logan Park Junior Drama classes have teamed up to create the play ‘A Time Machine for Christmas’, written by our fantastic Drama teacher Christine Colbert.  

During the last week of term, we have had a show for our families and three shows for primary school kids. The primary story (excuse the pun) of the play is of a wicked witch (the main antagonist) trying to ruin Christmas for everyone. Though the witch begins to succeed, her plan is foiled by a couple of television reporters who go back in time (hence the name of the play) to stop Santa being tricked by the witch. I was primarily the one who created the time machine (the main prop in the play), using cardboard and paint, creating a life sized model in the style of The Tardis from Doctor Who. I played the role of Raggedy Andy, who befriends Raggedy Anne, and together go back to the 70’s when they are more fashionable, and finally get accepted and taken for Christmas.

I must mention the school band which was seamlessly put together by our amazing music teacher Mr Dodd, and who all worked tirelessly to do a fantastic job in accompanying the actors throughout the play, thus giving it life. From dolls, cuddly toys, Barbies, action heroes, Santa and more, to emotionless robots led by a cackling witch and her kicking sidekick, and finally to tap dancers and a unicyclist, with music, singing, and dancing along the way, this Christmas play had it all.

We raised over $500 for the Global Hospital and Village Outreach programme in Northern India, which we have been supporting for many years.