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Tertiary Scholarship Winners
Photo by Kristan Mouat

Tertiary Scholarship Winners

Arnika Hazelwood —

Congratulations to our successful Year 13 students who won prestigious Otago University (and other) Scholarships in 2018.

They are awarded to the top applicants from throughout New Zealand.

Academic Scholarship

Cuba Rust

Performance Scholarship

Joseph Araya

Alex Hall

Leaders of Tomorrow Scholarship

Rosa Miles Seeley

Lucan Willis

Bella Rennie

Tyler Proctor

George Sabonadiere

150th Entrance Scholarship

Owain Harker

Victoria University Scholarship

Rosa Miles Seeley

New Frontiers Scholarship

Louis Freeman

Leila East Giles

Aidan Clements

Excellence Endorsed from Level 2 and eligible for Scholarships

Jeannie Corona

Zoe Degas

Celeste Howard

Quinn Hardie

Mary Locker

Cushla Melville

George Sabonadiere

Ariyan Zarei

PWC Scholarship

Ariyan Zarei

Dux Scholarship

Cuba Rust

Vice-Chancellor’s Scholarship

Fin Spencer

Theo Molteno

Port Chalmers Scholarship

Rosa Miles Seeley