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Math High Achievers
Photo by John Major

Mathematics Department

Arnika Hazelwood —

– Competition Results for 2018. Our students continue to excel in Dunedin, regionally and nationally.

Otago University Junior Maths Competition

Top 100 – Elia Hayashishita, George Hyink, Sophie Sun

Top 200 – Odin Jacobs, Megan MacDermid

Merit – Paxton Hall, Bill Campbell

Australian Maths Competition

High Distinction – Elizabeth Baker

Distinction – Elia Hayashishita, George Hyink, Paxton Hall, Linus Molteno, Andy Wu, Megan MacDermid, Odin Jacobs, Cathy Zeng, Albert Baeumer

Credit – Bill Campbell, Jack Sealy, Sophie Bradfield, Xing Zhang, Jasper Seddon, Harry Major, Viviane Dalphin, Charlie Goldsmith, Rebecca Dalphin, Sophie Sun, Cameron Monteith

Computational and Algorithmic Thinking Competition

High Distinction – Elizabeth Baker, Paxton Hall, Elia Hayashishita, George Hyink

Distinction – Bill Campbell, Andy Wu, Harry Major, Rebecca Dalphin, Yaara Schaarf

Credit – Megan MacDermid, Linus Molteno, Xing Zhang, Ben Connolly, Annelise Scharpf, Sophie Bradield, Jasper Seddon, Alex Cameron, Viviane Dalphin, Odin Jacobs, Ella Molteno-Cox, Albert Baeumer, Connor Bedwell

ICAS Maths Competition

High Distinction – Jayden Jesudhass, Paxton Hall

Distinction – Elizabeth Baker, Bill Campbell, George Hyink, Odin Jacobs, Megan MacDermid, Sophie Sun

Credit – Shima Jack, Jack Sealy, Sophie Bradfield, Cindy Chou, Viviane Dalphin, Elia Hayashashita, Linus Molteno, Annelise Scharpf, Xing Zhang, Cathy Zeng, Rebecca Dalphin, Albert Baeumer

Merit – Bryn Loughran, Liam Scott, Harry Major


Overall – Logan Park Top Year 9 and 10 school (highest scoring best four teams)

Year 9 – 2nd Elizabeth Baker, Niamh Dillingham, Bryn Loughran, Griffin Millar-Kelsey

4th Bill Campbell, Nico Alvarez Rey-Virag, Isaac Randall, Jack Sealy

Year 10 – 1st Paxton Hall, Elia Hayashishita, Zack Hibbert, Xing Zhang

8th Marcus Davidson, Harry Major, Linus Molteno, George Hyink

10th Cindy Chou, Megan MacDermid, Viviane Dalphin, Leilani Baeumer

Senior – 3rd Sophie Sun, Cathy Zeng, Albert Baeumer, Paxton Hall

Casio Senior Maths Competition

Top 100 – Sophie Sun