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Excellence Endorsed/Scholarship Morning Tea
Photo by Janine Hills

Excellence and Scholarship Morning Tea

Arnika Hazelwood —

We celebrated outstanding senior success in February with a special morning tea.

100 senior students achieved NCEA Excellence Endorsed. We are thrilled with our NZQA Scholarship results too. Students won 16 scholarship across 9 subjects including 4 students who won the scholarships from Year 12.
Congratulations to the following 2018 NZQA Scholarship recipients:

Alex Hall - Media Studies

Celeste Howard - Photography

Lyndi Matthews - Biology

Rosa Miles-Seeley - English and Drama

Bella Rennie - Media Studies

Henry Ruan - English

George Sabonadiere - English, History and Classics

Neive Strang - Photography

and from Year 12:

Albert Baeumer - Calculus

Cameron Monteath - Music and English

Zak Rudin - English

Moe Stebbings - Drama