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Science and Technology Fair Winners
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Science and Technology Fair Winners

Leah Cooke-McDonnell —

For the 2016 Aurora Energy Otago Science and Technology Fair we decided to research, experiment and conclude which water solution was best for plant root growth, because they play a large role in gathering nutrients, for plants using the process of hydroponics. 

Spending 3 enjoyable and occasionally stressful months working on the project we entered into the Science and Technology Fair with one of us having experience in being in it previously. Using Imperial Lettuce and three dilutions of three solutions (grey water, tap water and fertilised water) we conducted our experiment taking 6 weeks and ending up with the conclusion that grey water (1:2) achieved the best growth.

Our thorough research and our significant knowledge on what we had conducted rewarded us with an Aurora Prize and we received a certificate and a few dollars along with it. Overall it was an incredibly beneficial experiment in terms of learning more on the subject and for future use, with a great outcome which we were truly pleased with.