Design and Visual Communication fieldtrip by Stefan Reussenzehn

Design and Visual Communication fieldtrip

Year 11 and 12 Design and Visual Communication students went on a fieldtrip to visit the building site for the trades training centre at Te Pūkenga (Otago Polytechnic) in Term 1.

The guided tour gave us an insight into the construction site and a chance to learn about the sustainable features incorporated into the design. Thank you very much to Te Pūkenga and Naylor Love for this opportunity.

Students’ impressions:

“It was my first time going to a construction site and it was interesting.”

“My favourite part was going at the top of the scaffolding because it was exciting but scary at the same time!”

“I found it interesting how the site had a strong focus on sustainability as well as the process of constructing a building to that scale.”

“I really enjoyed seeing all the parts of the building in construction, and the explanation of materials they used.”

“The equipment and methods of building were really interesting. Also, navigating around the site was interesting because of the stuff everywhere…”

“Seeing the building process of so many different structures and utilities combined was really neat. … I also appreciated the continuous efforts towards being more sustainable. “