Crème Brûlée, etc dans la troisième: by Heike Cebulla-Elder

Crème Brûlée, etc dans la troisième:

We are definitely becoming more adventurous and our French cooking endeavors in our Year 10 French class.

Thank you so much to the Technology department for letting us use their facilities and this time the groups went way beyond les Crepes! Whilst they are still very popular we also had groups preparing a Creme Brulee and a Creme Caramel as well as preparing a Tarte Tatin and a beautiful Gateau de Pomme.

I was very impressed by the standard and very lucky to get to taste the Tarte Tatin!

Bravo to all the groups and it was really nice to hear that some recipes then get tried out at home as well.

We also had a market day in June to be ready to go shopping in France.