International Languages Week and Matariki by Heike Cebulla-Elder

International Languages Week and Matariki

This year we had some really cool activities organised as part of Matariki and International Languages Week.

The Haiku competition was run on the topic of Matariki and we received beautiful entries. Here are the top three:

Potatoes are great

Says Grand Tupu-a-nuku

She is very right!

(Odin Hyink)

9 stars above us

Shining in the North East sky

Named Matariki

(Millie Paton)

Neuf étoiles pour vous

Regroupe pour tout le monde

Une belle vue pour tous

(Yannick M-W)

The Year 9 French classes were invited to write and perform a short play around a Whakatauki (Maori proverb).

Two groups were keen and performed their plays to an impressed audience on Wednesday the 29th of June. The groups used French, English and Te Reo in their plays and wrote these themselves. The first one was based around:

He iti hau marangai e tu te pahokahoka.

A little storm and then a rainbow appears

and included all nine stars of the Matariki cluster as well as our French class mascot Escargot.

The second play was based on

He namu pea ahau.

Perhaps I am a sandfly

and had the important message of accepting everyone as they are.

The students impressed with their creativity and great development of characters.