Showquest by Showquest


After months of dedication, our team of student performers and helpers travelled to Invercargill for a fantastic performance in the Civic Theatre.

Our item was videoed for judgement due to Covid-19 restrictions as we could not have a live performance. While being different from Showquest in recent years, it was still a highly valuable and enjoyable experience. The theatre provided an amazing opportunity to use their excellent facilities including light and sound tech. We were awarded best live music and best original composition for our performance.

Congratulations to Madeline Simons, Amelia James-Pirie, and Ava Reid for their excellent hard work of production and direction throughout the entire period. Special thanks to Nisha and Tamsin for their great choreography, as well as our costume, music, and lighting team for their hard work. Our supporting teams consisted of: costume: Alice, Marla, Maia, Darcy, Minami, and Polly, music: Darcy, Maia, Emi, and lighting: Griffin. The concept explored how children cope with the pressures of growing up in the public eye. Thank you to all who donated at the showcase on Saturday 18th and to all who gave their support and encouragement throughout the process.