Pedestrian Survey by Michelle Summerfield

Pedestrian Survey

On Wednesday June 22nd students from two Year 9 classes conducted the annual winter solstice pedestrian survey for the Dunedin Institute of Valuers.

The day involves our budding young social scientists counting pedestrian flows for two half hour periods at 55 designated sites throughout the Central Business District.

The survey has been conducted for over fifty years and Logan Park has been involved for at least forty of those years.

In between the count times the two classes had an informative talk about early Dunedin history from Mr Fielding, we walked around the Queens Gardens observing monuments, buildings and learning about early NZ characters. After lunch we visited the Dunedin Art Gallery and were regaled with fascinating stories of local history by the legendary, John Neumegen. This talk included a look at famous paintings reflecting New Zealand History.

The day was cold but sunny and we managed to avoid slipping on any ice! The experience was a great success and the spreadsheet data is now used by the valuation department and our students back in class, to identify changing pedestrian flows around our shops. This helps with the relative valuations of shops in the Dunedin CBD.