Chemistry Olympiad by Janine Hills

Chemistry Olympiad

Throughout late 2020 and early 2021, we (Paxton Hall and Beanjamin Mead) sat several tests for the NZ Chemistry Olympiad.

In the first round of exams, we completed an online multiple-choice test, and both made it to round 2. From then until March, we underwent a rigorous training regimen, including the majority of NCEA level 3 and scholarship chemistry content, before taking a second exam in early March. This exam was written rather than multi-choice, and was significantly more difficult than the first. Fortunately, we both passed this exam, and will be two of three students representing Dunedin at the Auckland training camp in late April. 

The four-day camp will test our practical chemistry skills and knowledge. At the end of the camp, we will take a three-hour theoretical examination, and the top four students will be selected to represent New Zealand in the International Chemistry Olympiad! The international olympiad is the ultimate test of chemistry knowledge, and although it would have been held in Japan this year, it had to be changed to an online event due to health concerns.

We both thoroughly enjoyed our learning experience in the past eight months, and look forward to the chemistry camp in the April school holidays.