Tagged and ReleasedFringe opening night by Andrea McSweeney

Tagged and Released

Tagged and Released was a visual art project as part of the Dunedin Fringe festival. 

The project involved Logan Park Students collectively creating 80 artworks on 4x6” canvases. These small artworks were then displayed on notice boards around the city for community members to take home and cherish. The project allowed students and citizens to engage with art in an ordinary setting, making it an accessible, realistic and pleasant part of everyday life (for a few days at least!) @taggedandreleased

The project was nominated for Best Original Concept at the Fringe Festival awards night, so thanks and congratulations go to the HoD of Art, Andrea McSweeney and the Arts Prefects for initiating and driving the project.

Being involved in the running of a creative project in the wider community has been a wonderful experience for us art prefects and all participating students.