Published IllustratorHolly Bettis by ODT

Published Illustrator Holly Bettis

Congratulations to Holly Bettis for her latest artistic endeavors

Year 13 Holly worked with writer Michelle Jackson to illustrate a children's book based on friendship, resilience and positive mental health.  The book is called "Will you fly with me?"  It features Holly's beautiful original artworks.  Holly was 15 when she started working on the illustrations with Michelle, and they took about a year to complete. 

Holly was deliberate in her artistic choices.  She says "I wanted to use tools that kids can use as well, so things like crayons and pens and water colours." She illustrated the images with patterns and scribbles in a way that children could imitate.

Holly is well known at Logan Park for her uplifting images of yellow Lenny with heartfelt messages of hope and acceptance.  She is also well known around the Otago Peninsula with her beautifully painted bus shelters.

The book is available from Paper Plus, the Otago Art Society and