Smokefree Rockquest by Smokefree Rockquest

SFRQ (Smokefree Rockquest) Champs

Congratulations to Solid Merit who won the Otago Rockquest competition.

It was a fine night of great music at the Kavanagh College Auditorium for the Regional Final of SFRQ on a recent Saturday eve in June. 

Twelve bands from Dunedin schools were competing in the final and the standard was exceedingly high. There were two LPHS line-ups (Solid Merit and Paper Frogs) and a third line-up, which consisted of two of our students combined with two from other schools (Do Speak Louder).

Solid Merit (Cathy Zeng, Albert Baeumer, Abe Baillie, Josie Baughan, and Finn McKinlay) took the night out…..yay!!! An awesome performance that reflected both the hours of hard work and inspired musicianship on display. Finn McKinlay won best musician of the night.

Melicen Barber, (who works with Mathew Schack as Paper Frogs) was presented with the lyric writing award.

And of course the ‘Fatboy Style’ award naturally went to Do Speak Louder (featuring Louis Freeman and Zion Berwick, icons of style and panache). Louis was in his short but sweet pink hair phase, since been surpassed by his no hair phase.

Congratulations to these talented musicians.