International Farewell by Dianne Rooney

International Farewells

At the end of Term 2 we farewelled a number of international leavers before our new arrivals came in Term 3.

The Friday of Week 9, Term 2 we said goodbye to Timo Schaefar, Caspar Ritter, Hannah Grevsmuehl, Jeremias Dahnke and Tabea Karb, all from Germany, plus Luca Barci and Mathia Inschlag both from Austria and Live Uttisrad from Norway.

We had a luncheon and Matua Tip Winiata presented each student with a special hand carved Maori bone carving pendant he made for each departing student. Tip has taught many of the students as part of the International Outdoor Education and Cultural Studies programme.

We have enjoyed getting to know the students and know we will keep in touch, with some Kiwi friends and Homestay families planning overseas trips already!