13 Biology Evolution by Dick Pirie

Science Department News

Term 2 saw the Biology classes out of the school for a number of trips.

First, the Year 12 Biology field days, saw a learning day at the Marine Science at Portobello learning about sampling techniques, and life on the Rocky Shore, as well as dissections to examine adaptations for gas exchange in marine creatures.

The following day we went to the rocks at Warrington – a very different shore and carried out research for assessment. They were two great days with lots of new things learned.

The following week, Portobello was again the venue but this time for an Evolution workshop with Year 13. Again, there was lots of hands-on learning about adaptations of marine organisms and their evolutionary relationships.

A little later in the term, the Year 13 class went to the Biochemistry Department to learn about and experience some DNA handling and to have a lecture on genetic engineering.

The Biology classes have also had a number of hands-on activities including isolating DNA (using blue PowerAde) and constructing a timeline of human history.

Our Year 10 quiz team also performed with distinction (if a little bad luck) finishing fourth in the Otago Science Teachers Association annual Year 10 quiz. The team was Paxton Hall, Viviane Dalphin, Cindy Chou and Linus Molteno.

On Friday 29th of June, the Year 13 Biology class modelled making prehistoric stone tools using potatoes and a teaspoon, The results are attached in the photo gallery.