VR Experience for Digital Technology Students by Sandra Whipp

A Virtual Reality (VR) Experience for Digital Technology Students

In the first semester, Digital Technology junior students were offered a Virtual Reality (VR) experience first-hand – and they loved it.

With the assistance of our IT Technician Kemp Reynolds, the Year 9 and 10 DGT students wore the HTC Vive Headset and used the controllers to visually import themselves into an environment such as a supermarket checkout or a forest and hills environment to play archery. Some students said it was quite unique and something they had not experienced before. The rest of the class watched on the classroom's big screen so they had an insight into what the student with the headset on was seeing.

With the new Digital Technologies curriculum introduced this year, opportunities like this will only grow as more education contexts are made available. Virtual Reality can provide a rich immersive environment and give students the ability to explore places they may only dream of like outer space, walking through the middle of a computer system or travelling through different parts of the body.

At this stage, there is a class set of VR Box Glasses as well as Google Cardboard glasses that are available for students to use and there are many VR free Apps for mobile devices or YouTube Apps which are appropriate for an educational learning opportunity. This is potentially, a very powerful tool to use in education.