Senior Prizegiving by Francine Vella

Tertiary Scholarship Winners

Congratulations to the Year 13 students who have been awarded prestigious financial Tertiary Scholarships recognising outstanding Academic, Cultural, Sporting and Leadership achievements.

Otago University Academic Scholarships: Grant McNaughton, Ava Straw, Oscar Ladell, Maria Larsen.

Otago University Leaders of Tomorrow Scholarships: Katharine Woolrych, Henri Gaudin (plus Vice-Chancellor's Scholarship), Jimmy Robinson, Catherine Cadzow (plus Vice-Chancellor’s Scholarship), Carmen Heinze-Farrington (plus Vice-Chancellor’s Scholarship).

Otago University Performance Scholarships: Bruno Willis, Sophia Hilton-Manning, Ella Yianett (plus Vice-Chancellor’s Scholarship), Reva Grills (plus Vice-Chancellor’s Scholarship).

Otago University Alumni Scholarship: Tia Hibbert

Otago University Pacifica Scholarship: Lydie Leurquin

Otago Polytechnic Scholarships: Brianna Lane and Phillip Nelson.

Victoria University Academic Excellence Scholarships: Katharine Woolrych and George Maclaurin.

Auckland University/Canterbury University Academic Scholarships: Henri Gaudin.

We are still waiting on more scholarships to be announced.