Globe TrotterLaura Cowles by Janine Hills

Globe Trotter

Congratulations to Laura Cowles who got to visit the Globe Theatre in London

Laura Yr 13 has been selected as one of the top Shakespearean actors in NZ to travel to London in July. Last year after the University of Otago Sheilah Winn Otago Regional Shakespeare Festival, Laura gained direct entry to the National Schools Shakespeare Production and now has been offered a place with the Shakespeare Globe Centre New Zealand Young Shakespeare Company 2022 (SGCNZ YSC).

According to the organisers: The study and performance trip comprises workshops, tours of Shakespeare’s Globe, the Rose and National Theatres and the Royal Albert Hall, Q&A sessions with actors and directors about the plays and the Globe, attending performances at Shakespeare’s Globe and other theatres and many other activities.

The trip includes being rehearsed by a Globe Education Director in an hour of scenes from one of Shakespeare’s plays, culminating in a free invited audience (family, wider whanau and friends) performance on the Globe stage on Friday 22 July (tbc) at approx 11.15pm (depending on the run length of the Globe Season play that night).

The latter part of the trip will be Setting the Scene - a four-day historical perspective of Shakespeare in Stratford-Upon-Avon which will include tours and attending more performances.

In 2021 Laura was one of the student directors of the Macbeth witches and apparition scene. Laura is also a Drama Prefect at school.