2021 MasterChef by Heike Cebulla-Elder

Master Chef 2021

On Wednesday, the 30th of June, our senior French and Korean classes spent an afternoon cooking and tasting delicious dishes from these two cultures.

We started at lunchtime and right from the beginning there was business, wonderful smells and delicious meals being prepared.

The Korean dishes ranged from Mandu (dumplings), Jajangmyeon (Chinese-style Korean noodle dish), Tteokbokki (Spicy Rice Cake), Songpyeon (Half-moon-shaped rice cake), and Gimbab.

French students prepared savoury and sweet dishes such as crepes (bien sur), Flammkueche and French toast (pain perdu en francais) and la soupe d’oignon, merengues and a Basque cake.

A lot of care went into the preparation and presentation of these dishes and finally the results of this hard work were there to be tasted - and everything tasted wonderful. It was fantastic to see these future Master chefs in action and hopefully some of these recipes will now be prepared for some lucky caregivers in your homes.

Bon appetit!, Jal muk get seum mida!