Logan Park High School by Stephen Jaquiery

ERO Review 2022

We have welcomed ERO for our latest school review and evaluation.

We are looking forward to working alongside them over the next 3 years.

ERO have provided the following information for our community:

The Education Review Office (ERO) has shifted to a more developmental approach to evaluation that supports each school’s improvement over time. Key features of the new approach, Te Ara Huarau, are that ERO will:

→ work with all schools in an ongoing way rather than as a one-off event

→ connect with each school’s strategic planning and reporting cycle as part of their improvement journey

→ work in partnership with schools, collaborating in support of equitable and excellent outcomes for all learners

As a result, each school will:

→ have a dedicated ERO Evaluation Partner who works alongside the school

→ have a different experience depending on needs, strengths, and their school’s specific evaluation focus

→ be on a three-year evaluation cycle

What will public reporting on ERO’s website look like?

As schools’ transition into the approach, ERO will work with schools to publish a one-off Profile Report. This will focus on the strategic goals schools have in place to improve learner outcomes and what the school is seeking to achieve through the evaluation.

Within a three year cycle all schools will then have a Te Ara Huarau | School Evaluation Report. This report includes information about the school’s improvement journey, what the school has achieved for learners and their future priorities.

All schools will receive a Board Assurance with Regulatory and Legislative Requirements Report about their board’s attestation to meeting those requirements. Provision for International Students and Hostel Reports will be published where applicable.

Other reporting

Progress Reports - These reports are not published on ERO’s website. Progress reports will provide specific information for specific audiences such as your board, the community or the Ministry of Education.