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Pasifika Leadership Symposium & Career Expo

Ramona Silva —

On Tuesday we took some of our Year 12 & 13 Pasifika students to the Pasifika Leadership Symposium & Career Expo. The students listened to some great Pasifika leaders and hearing about their careers, what they are all about and how they got to where they are now. In saying that there are so many opportunities out there for our young pasifika leaders to strive for the better and have a future career for themselves.

Special mentions Barbara Edmonds, Jason Tulima, Tupe Lualua, North Media Crew and others that were also involved in sharing to our pasifika students. For their words of encouragement and sharing their career pathway and journeys. These leaders all have a purpose for what they do. This event was solely based on " What is your purpose ". This really tested the students at the start but by the end of the day they all walked out having a fair idea on what their purpose looks like.

I had interviewed a few students: here are some of the responses

What one thing they learnt from this event?

Rosetta Judkins: "To know where your going in life? but it is important that you have a purpose, because when you have a purpose you have a pathway"

Sayonara Taupau " It is important to have your own path and to be confident in your own decisions and to not let others influence your choices"

Reaneeta Manila "There are different career paths and that you can do what ever you want because you want too and you can leave a legacy behind"

Biggest thank you to Pasifika Thrive for upholding an awesome event, wishing for more expo's like this for our people. It was definitely eye-opening for our students.

Fa'afetai Lava

Pasifika Leadership Team