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Photo by John Murdoch

Teacher Aide Pay Equity celebrations

John Murdoch —

Mana College attended NZEI branch celebrations to acknowledge the Pay Equity claim for Teacher Aides.

This claim ensures that wage workers in female dominated occupations will be free from perceptions and prejudiced about the value of women's work and a tendency to minimise the skills required to do the work. The wages equity recognises the work of the Teacher Aides through a wage increase that will support the living wage principal as well as sufficient PD opportunities and therefore, improve conditions. 

Mana College fully sported the celebration at this hui on Wednesday and we were very proud listen to Johnnie Tito speech,  about the support of Teacher Aides in his education. Johnnie is currently in the Service Academy at Mana College.

Image by: John Murdoch

The event was also supported through Mana College Music department with a performance of the Chamber of Music groups and Jacs Nordon. 

Image by: John Murdoch

Our thanks to Wendy Nuku, Teacher Aide at Mana College for all her organisation for this hui.