Hero video
'No strings attached' Mana College and Scots College Chamber Group 2020
Video by Jacs Nordon

Chamber of Music Recording

Jacs Nordon —

Due to the Covid, the Chamber Music Contest went to recordings rather than live performances. We recorded this in the Mana College Music Suite. 

The musicians are Jared Vilsoni on guitar, Melerita Malaulau on double bass, Rocky Parker on vocals and guitar and Toby Aikman-Nordon from Scots College on violin. 

The pieces are Klez 2 by Ross Harris, Mr Sandman by Pat Ballard and Vaysar Shayn also by Ross Harris (NZ composer). A big thank you to the parents of the musicians for getting them there and also to Daryl Prowse, guitar teacher, for his work with the group. Jacqueline Nordon. LAH Performing Arts.