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Learning Conferences

Marion Tuite —

Friday 14 August 8am -6pm.

We would like to invite families and students to our second Learning Conference for 2020. Here you will once again meet with your son/daughter’s Learning Advisor. These conferences will last for 30 minutes and will involve a discussion around your son/daughter's engagement data, his/her academic achievement so far and will also look at how his/her attendance is tracking. 

There may be slight differences in content depending on the year level of the student. Essentially, it is a time for us to strengthen our connection with you that was so well developed throughout our Mana@Home lockdown period and to share important learning and achievement information.

Please take the time to think about any questions or issues you wish to raise with your child's learning advisor. These meetings will be held on Friday 14 August 2020 between 8am and 6pm. Please use the link below do book your Learning Conference online: